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Interesting facts about Europe - Geography.

Europe is a part of the Eurasia continent, separated from Asia to the East of a lot of natural barriers, forming a natural border between Europe and Asia. These «barriers» - the Ural mountains, the Ural river, the Caspian sea. The area of Europe less than the area of the other continents, except Australia.

Since ancient times, the Mediterranean was the cradle of human civilization. Ancient Greece and Rome found on its shores their power. Italian city-states flourished thanks to the Mediterranean trade routes. Today, the Mediterranean Sea plays an equally important role in trade, especially with oil producing countries in the Middle East.

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Old Map of Europe

North-western Europe, has a milder climate than the northern areas of North America. This is due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flowing across the Atlantic. Warm water and heat the air flow, so the winds blowing in from the sea over the whole of Western Europe, built in coastal areas rather mild winter.

In Finland, in north-west Europe. On its territory there are about 60,000 lakes and thousands of islands in the open sea. The longest river of Europe - Volga. Its length is 3531 km away, and it falls, crossing Russia, the Caspian sea.

Interesting facts about Europe

Right to vote in Europe

In Europe during the second half of the 20th century practiced the things that today are considered to be absolutely uncivilized. For example, Swiss women gained the right to vote only in 1971 (in local elections in the canton of Appenzell - and Innerrhoden did in 1991). And last execution by guillotine in France in 1977. А Tunisian immigrant Hamida Djandoubi, was the last who was executed by the French guillotine.

Quick Funny Facts about Europe

  • Strangely enough, but all the world's wars began in Europe.
  • Europe is also called the island, located in the strait between Madagascar and Africa.
  • As of 1983 only in the Vatican awarded zero fertility.
  • The Swedes, the only nation that daily intake of 11 cups of coffee.
  • It is noteworthy that the position of the First Lord of the Admiralty in combination takes Queen, as First Lord of the Treasury - the Prime Minister.
  • Only since 1764, in London were numbered houses.
  • In the Italian town of Siena women with the name of Mary is forbidden to work as prostitutes.
  • The national anthem of Greece has 158 options.
  • The oldest, but still functioning democracy belongs to Iceland.
  • The national plant of Greenland is willow.
  •  In Italy you can only make the coffins of wood or walnut shell.
  • In one of the cities of Spain you can find a monument to the liver.
  • Cartoon character Mickey Mouse in Italy called "Topolino".
  • n Sweden there is a city called A, while France can boast of town Y.
  • The production of the famous Irish beer Guinness takes 7% of the local barley.
  • For each resident of Belgium accounted for 0.5 square mile of the earth and 1 mile of the railway.
  • In Cambridge is forbidden to play tennis on the street.
  • In England in 1985 there were about 30 000 fax numbers, and in the early 1990s, their number has increased by 10 times.
  • France began to produce calculators recalculated francs into euros and vice versa.
  • Switzerland, the country's neutrality. She did not join the NATO, the European community and the United Nations.
  • In Italy, in the small town of Vakone there is a restaurant «Solo for two». To order a table you need in advance, about six months before the desired date, and all because he's the only one.
  • In England, the visit of the first pay toilet costs about two pence.
  • The first cafe-ice-cream appeared in Paris in 1672 The establishment of a Sicilian father Francesco Procopio de Cortello visited Voltaire and Diderot.
  • Spain literally means' - the land of rabbits. "
  • Whatman - name of the well-known manufacturer of paper in England.
  • Household thermos invented in 1899 Burger glassblower from Berlin.
  • "Europe" is also one of the satellites of Jupiter, named for a character from classical mythology.

Interesting facts about Europe`s Amazing Places

Interesting facts about Leaning Tower of Pisa

Why falls the leaning tower of Pisa? One of the sights of Italy is the leaning tower of Pisa. It represents the marble bell tower, built in Pisa between 1173 and 1360 gg. The soil under the Foundation has settled, and the massive tower gave a lurch. Today it deviation vertically is 5 m, which requires a serious engineering intervention.

Interesting facts about Venice

Venice - a great city of islands and channels in Italy. He was one of the richest city-states whose rulers were known as a doji. Venice - is a unique city, where you can travel by boat faster than by car. The city is famous for its palaces and cathedrals, as well as magnificent carnivals, originating in the XVIII century. Seasonal flooding is a serious danger to the masterpieces of architecture, and for works of art.

Tall and Narrow houses in Amsterdam

Why houses in Amsterdam tall and narrow? Amsterdam - capital of the Netherlands. In the XVII century due to acute shortage of land for construction and high prices Dutch were forced to build a tall, narrow house. Today, these houses standing along the canals give the city a special charm.

Interesting facts about Netherlands

Some of the European countries conquered half of their land from the sea? The Netherlands means «the low-lying country.» This part of Europe is located in the lowlands and plains. With the help of dams, pumps and a network of channels extensive marshy lands were reclaimed from the sea and transformed into fertile, suburban for agriculture.

Random facts about Europe

From the German word Walh, which means "stranger, stranger," there were the names of several European regions not connected geographically. This and Wales, and the Romanian region of Wallachia, and the Belgian Walloon region - all these names can be translated as "the country of strangers."

Interesting facts about Europe -Mona Lisa

In Western Europe in the 15th century there was an ideal woman: S-shaped silhouette, arched back, round white face with a high forehead clean. To match the ideal, women shave the hair on the forehead and plucked eyebrows - just like in the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo.

Interesting facts about Spices in Europe

In medieval Europe in the late fall begins mass slaughter and preparation of meat. If meat is just salted, it loses its original flavor. Spices helped to Keep it almost in its original form, they were brought mostly from Asia. But as the Turks have monopolized most of the spice trade, the price was beyond the limits. This factor was one of the motives for the rapid development of navigation and the beginning of the era of the great geographical discoveries.

Interesting facts about Apricots in Europe

Many fruits are called at the place of origin or the country from which they were delivered. . But apricots in Europe for a long time called Armenian apples or Armenian plums.

In Europe and some of the Eastern countries it is thought that an even number of gift flowers brings happiness.

In all of continental Europe the right-hand driving on the roads. The exception from this rule is one of Paris street length of 350 meters Avenue General Lemonnier. Only here you can find the left-hand movement.

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