European tour vacation

European tour vacation

European tour vacation

Far mistaken belief that Europe as a holiday destination - terribly expensive place. Of course, you can not equate all countries and the prices of the same Baltic, from, say, Italy, will be significantly different as the type of recreation. Costa Brava beach and Palma de Mallorca and the same tours to the Maldives will be significantly different from each other in price. It all depends on what you prefer.

If you like the true touch of the culture, and is subject to you the opportunity to quietly leave three weeks or even a month, that such leave be the most successful. No rush and "impositions" by the guides. Choice of hotel and flight search can be done yourself, find quite a budget option. Will have to pay separately for a visa and insurance. If you talk, about one week and two-week trip, here we must be well informed.

The advantages of such a holiday is quite a lot. Firstly, if you eat in any country for the first time or one, this trip will guarantee that you will be in the team and not get lost. Secondly, for quite a reasonable price you will get an unforgettable journey in several of the most significant cities. Accommodation, meals, flight, as a rule, included in the price. Low cost of these proposals is due to one simple reason. Round-the company that sells you a ticket has an «arrangement» in everything: starting with the Charter flights, ending with hot deals on accommodation.

Take, for example, numerous trips to Italy. When it comes to tour programs, there needs to be careful of the following. First, you must realize that most of the guides as representatives of travel agencies have an interest. If you are in a group are at a particular restaurant or store, it means that it is better to give up and spend time on their own, independent walk, where you will find success with both, but at lower prices. Beware of deliberate advice from the guides. It is better to read additional literature on departure or talk to people who have gone in this direction. If you remember these rules, will be able to relax without compromising his own wallet.

Do not forget about the general economic situation in the country. The recent crisis has shown the sore spots in many European countries. Now many of them are trying to rehabilitate through tourism. Frankly, a big part in this type of assistance provided by Russia. An endless stream of our tourists greatly helps these countries to recover.

All you have to do a little bit different from the flow and be independent in decision making. Rest for the benefit of yourself!

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