Weird But True Facts

Business card of the famous gangster al Capone said, that he is the seller of furniture accessories.

Dice - Interesting facts about Casino

Discover a few weird but true facts that You May Do Not Know.

Any month that starts on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th in it.

The opposite side of a die always add up to seven.

In ancient Egypt, priests plucked every hair from their bodies including their eyebrows and eyelashes.

If you keep your eyes open by force during a sneeze, they can pop out.

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In China, September 20 is "Love Your Teeth Day".

A Japanese artist, Tadahiko Ogawa, made a copy of the Mona Lisa completely out of toast.

Jester - Interesting facts

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

A human head remains conscious for about 15 - 20 seconds after it has been decapitated.

Workers at a Las Vegas hospital were suspended for placing bets on when patients would die.

Chinese Typewriter facts

Some Chinese typewriters have up to 5.700 characters. The width of the keyboard on them is about a meter, and the fastest and most professional typist reaches print speeds only 11 words per minute.

March 16, 1970 one of the buyers at Sotheby's paid $ 20,000 for a glass paperweight.

Ramses brand condom is named after the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, who, by the way, had over 160 children.

Striking your head against the wall, you can lose 150 calories an hour.

Electrocution occurs in the presence of 40 witnesses.

Jack the Ripper, the most famous killer of the 19th century, committed his crimes always on the weekends.

Tag from the body of Lee Harvey Oswald, the suspect in the murder of President Kennedy, was sold at auction for U.S. $ 6.600 in 1992.

The flea can jump to 33 cm in a single jump. If people had the same jumping ability, a person could make jumps of 213 meters!

Blue color attracts mosquitoes in two times more than any other.

In the late 15th century in Europe firmly entrenched in the men's fashion shoes, square-toed. Fashion was inducted by the French king, Charles VIII, to hide the congenital malformation of one of his legs - it had 6 fingers.

The use of swear words in the body leads to the production of happiness hormones - endorphins, which act on the body as a painkiller.

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Strawberrys are not berrys, but bananas are!!! === Strawberries – those summer sweet delicacy are not actually berries. You might be surprised? Botanically …

Did U̶̲̥̅̊ knw that in every day of life, humans exhibit at least five minutes of madness

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Your Eyes Can't Pop Out If You Keep Them Open While You Sneeze 
I was watching an episode of Mythbuster one day and they were trying to see if your eyes would pop out if you keep them open while you sneeze. They did …

Interesting facts about Sneezing 
If you sneeze your heart stops beating. --------- By Editor --------- Carlo please see my post at …

Gold is Edible Not rated yet
Did you know gold is edible, it just may not taste good. For example Edible gold leaf is a gold product that can be used to decorate food. …

myth proved wrong Not rated yet
According to outrageous science acts sneezing with forcefully opening your eyes won't make them pop out

Moon Squishy? Not rated yet
Some scientists believe that the center of the moon may be squishy. === “When I was a little kid, we only knew about our nine planets. Since then, …

Brain Not rated yet
When you think of moving your arms the the part of your brain that moves your arms we'll be activated. --- Here are some of the interesting facts …

Evil pets Not rated yet
If you die alone with only your pets, they will eat your dead body. Not all pets do this but most do. - …

Starfish!!! Not rated yet
I know a lot of people know this already but just I case u don't I wanted to share it 😊 So did u know starfish can break off there points or whatever …

DId you know that hippo milk is pink? Not rated yet
I was reading a book and there was a hippo and it said what color is hippo milk? Some answers were white, yellow (Ewww!),or pink. I thought white, but …

swimsuit+skin+saltwater+6 hours=EWWWW Not rated yet
once you go swimming in a salt water pool you skin will automatically start to peel off and once you take off your bathing suit if you have been swimming …

Boys Vs Girls? Not rated yet
Boys have more of a chance to get hiccups... Girls have more taste buds then boys do... Girls …

The Super Snoozer Not rated yet
Snails can sleep for three years without waking up!

Weird Women Not rated yet
a Canadian woman once rode a motorized toilet at 46 mph

Born and dead Not rated yet
Every 12 seconds a person dies in the world and every 8 seconds a person is born. So that's more people in the world alive than dead.

Horshoe crabs Not rated yet
Horseshoe crabs have blue colored blood, which can be used as a cure for some sicknesses in humans.

People eating Not rated yet
Up until about the year 1899 , cannabolism was common in many islands of the pacific .some cannabols even ate their own flesh just before dying. strange …

The largest snoflake  Not rated yet
The largest snowflake is 15 inches across ;} === In 1887, a 15-inch wide snowflake fell on the Fort Keogh Army Post in Montana that is still considered …

Long thumbs Not rated yet
Did you know lesa wheeler the author has extremely long thumbs ====

Dolphins Eyesight  Not rated yet
Dolphins can see up to 15 feet away underwater! === Dolphins boast amazing eyesight in addition to their other well-developed senses. A dolphin REALLY …

girls have more taste buds than boys Not rated yet
Girls have more taste buds than boys! I read it in a book ==== Professor Tim Jacob - Cardiff University Some people are ‘supertasters,’ some are …

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Mosquito Bite Not rated yet
A mosquito kills more humans than any other animal with its killer bite. ---- The oldest known mosquito with an anatomy similar to modern species was …

Spider Fear Not rated yet
Archnephobia is the fear of spiders, Archne is another name of a spider from ancient Greece. -- People with arachnophobia tend to feel uneasy in any …

Spacesuit in the MOON Not rated yet
Your blood will instantly BOIL if you dont wear a spacesuit in the MOON.

flowers and chocolate Not rated yet
some flowers in florida smell like chcolate

Did You Know? Not rated yet
You can bite your finger off as easily as biting a carrot, but your brain doesn't want your finger to be bitten off, so you can't.

Cold or Hot? Not rated yet
Cold water weighs more than Hot water.

Carrot can turn your body orange Not rated yet
if you eat to many carrets your body will turn orange

Hitler - The man of the year (Time Magazine) Not rated yet
Every year the Times called the man of the year. Last year it was Barack Obama, in 2007 - Vladimir Putin, a year earlier - we all. However, the editor …

Interesting facts about Adolf Hitler and Smoking Not rated yet
One day, when Hitler went to rest, the remaining were playing cards and smoking. Hitler returned unexpectedly. Eva Braun's sister threw a lit cigarette …

Technical defeat 0:3 in footbal Not rated yet
Once in a student's championship Cameroon football one of the teams made a technical defeat 0:3. The reason was that the captain of the team refused to …

Hitler and his MOM Not rated yet
Hitlers mom seriously considered having an abortion but her doctor talked her out of it.

microwave oven Not rated yet
did you know the first microwave oven was almost 750 pounds

Hawaii State Not rated yet
Every year Hawaii moves 3 inches close to alaska.

wing lee Not rated yet
it is illeagal to eat your own children on sunday and juring any major holiday

Our national bird (USA) Not rated yet
Native Americans are the only people who can get a permit to kill the American Bald Eagle .

Get your toothbrush outta here Not rated yet
Did you know that if you leave your toothbrush within 6 feet from the toilet germs will infect it when flushing. ---

Rubber bands Not rated yet
Did you know if you stick a rubber band to your eye you can never get it off. ---

Atmosphere Not rated yet
The atmospheres lowest layer is 6ft tall. We live in the Troposphere and tt contains almost 75% of the atmosphere. Most of the cloads are located …

A WEIRD BUT TRUE FACT -  Not rated yet
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words

Interesting facts about Scents Not rated yet
Smelling good scents such as roses may give you happy dreams. You really can smell fear, happiness. An estimated 1 in 20 Americans have a compromised …

"wow" fact Not rated yet
the strongest muscle in your body is the tongue!!!

true or not true Not rated yet
you can jump 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ft high when your happy. not

Makeing Faces At Your Dog Not rated yet
In the state of Okluhoma it is againt the law to make faces a yoour dog.

Invisible coat Not rated yet
A japanese man made a coat that makes you invisible when you wear it. Not EXACTLY invisible but you blend in with your surroundings! Watch video …

Maths Not rated yet
If you add: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 etc. All the way to 100 then it will = 5050. You can even try it yourself! 20% of 4000 is 800. 2/3 + 1/2 = 5/3. About …

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Snot Not rated yet
Your nose makes about enough snot to fill up a quart size jar

RANDOM FACTS  Not rated yet
If you eat to many carrots , then eventually you WILL turn orange . Listen and silent have the exact same letters in them . You have around …

favorite books Not rated yet
first when i saw the book i did not realice that it would be a interesting book.but it became my favorite book.

intesting books Not rated yet
onece when i was in a park one boy was reading a book i asked why are you reading. he said if we read we will know alot of things

weird but cool facts  Not rated yet
an octopus has 3 brains and 9 hearts in Egypt men and women wore eye shadow from the shells of Beatles!

hole in your hand Not rated yet
if you get the cardboard part of the toilet paper roll and put it next to your hand and put it 4 inches away from your face and look throw the cardboard …

Interesting facts about Humans Not rated yet
The man - the sole representative of the animal world, able to draw straight lines. Share more interesting facts about humans

Interesting facts about sleep Not rated yet
In the dream, you burn more calories than while watching TV. It is not possible to tell if someone is really awake without close medical supervision. …

Interesting facts about Male Exhibitionists Not rated yet
Most of the male exhibitionists are married.

Interesting facts about Shrimp Scampi Not rated yet
scampi is actually shrimp so when you order shrimp scampie your ordering shrimp shrimp

Weird but true: September 23rd Not rated yet
September 23rd is "Ask a Stupid Question" day.

Gummi Snacks Not rated yet
Did you know that pig : ear, nose, and tail cartalge is in Most Gummi Snacks thats why it doesnt disolve easily or maybe even at all?

Interesting Facts about My Angel :-) Not rated yet
On 7 september my birthday i saw a bright light coming in my dream an angel and i asked for a skateboard and i got it from my parents tommorow :-)

Thank Goodness For Email! Not rated yet
Did you know that the two people who wrote the 'Peter and the Starcatchers' series live in different states? They wrote by Email.

Recipe for a dream MAN :) Not rated yet
In the 1700`s unmarried women pinned 5 bay leaves to their pillows. Then before bedtime they would consume a hard boiled egg whose yolk cavity had been …

weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
one day i saw a man selling fruits i ask for 5 apples since i had only Rs45 and he asked for Rs 50 i gave him all i had and went upstairs to bring Rs5 …

The longest word........... Not rated yet
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconosis.................. P.S. Here you can read more weird but true facts about longest word in English http://en.wikipedia.o …

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