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Are You Internet Addicted?

You probably use the internet every day and can't imagine your life without it, but do you know how much time you spend surfing the NET?It's estimated that each month YOU normally visit 58 domains, viewing over 1050 web pages while allocating 45 seconds for each page. Each surfing session lasts approximately 51 min. Generally YOU spend about 25 hours every month on your internet activity!

Fun Interesting Facts .com offer some vital statistics:

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  • Accorting to latest researches only 17% of the worldwide population surf the internet and 19% of all internet users are from United States of America.
  • Country with the highest percentage of internet users (75% of all population) is Sweden!
  • In Africa only 3% of people surf the web and the cost per megabyte is highest on the planet.
  • 6 countries still doesn’t have Internet connection at all.
  • Today Google’s index list contain over 8 billion of web pages. Did you know that Backrub was the original name for Google search engine!
  • The Internet online users are roughly 35% English speaking, 14% Chinese speaking and 51% speakers of all the other languages in the world.
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  • Super-Affiliate is the best profession in the world! They are making very large incomes ($150,000+ per year) while working from home. They can spent most of their time with family.
  • According to the latest polls, 32% of American are thinking about starting own home-based online business. You are not alone. Start today and be there first.


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