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Be Warnned - Interesting Facts about People on Saturn! 
i was born on saturn in the year of 1500 our culture is about reproducing over and over again. We plan to take over your world and kidnape your models …

Super Snow! Not rated yet
Did you know? If we were to put all of the snow that fell from the sky in New York City in 2001, it would weigh up to 237 pounds!

chicken Not rated yet
chicken tastes so good

Owls are the only birds in the world whpo can not see the color blue. Not rated yet
Sjjsjwnssjwbd snkans d aks dsks d. dd d d d d d d dkaks DJ SK dlns an mdkdnmx dmkd dld d!MX wkoo !kwwkjsjhs bvb.

Helping Asia  Not rated yet
We should focus on the real deals of Asia right now at this time Follow in my lead Goodness grows Our planet, our people, our purpose

gorillas Not rated yet
I was going to the zoo and saw the gorilla section.There I saw a zookeeper tickling a baby gorilla who started to burp.☺

Po Not rated yet
I love poooo

soooo strange Not rated yet
A baby gorillas fart sounds like a bell

whales are weird Not rated yet
whales have belly buttons

some snakes fly Not rated yet
I just know that.

Diamond Rain Not rated yet
Do you know how diamonds get here? They rain on Jupiter and Mars and float to Earth. I know, crazy.

Real Rapunzel Not rated yet
did you know that there is a woman and her hair is as long as Rapunzel's hair at an amazing lenth of 32 and a half inches long but she often ties it in …

Emily Smith Not rated yet
Did you know I have a butt?

fish cough Not rated yet
Fish can cough. Weird but funny to see

math Not rated yet

The Doctor, John Smith, Barty Crouch Jr Not rated yet
I was killed by a dementor, well not killed, my soul was sucked out, and what did I do? I simply used my timey wimey Time Lord magic, and my wand, to regenerate. …

Neptune is beast Not rated yet
The recent discovery was that they discovered a fossil of a wolly mammoth skeleton.

The cure for cancer!!! Not rated yet
Today at school I was in the lunch room eating lunch and my vice principal Mr.Anderson came to my lunch table and said to me and my friends "Do you know …

Portals Not rated yet
Portals appear every year on the 23rd of Febuary in Ponterfract Castle!

Tree Not rated yet
If a tree falls down on your house your house will brake

band camp - i was abducted by mutant greeen aliens Not rated yet
one band camp..i was abducted by mutant greeen aliens. it was a cold chilly night at lake atchkantwa..i had late night tuba practice with my …

Santa is real Not rated yet
Santa is real anybody that says he isnt is well not beliving. I sent a letter to him and he replied and i sent a email and he replied and also i sent a …

Good-Bye Neptune  Not rated yet
There are no plans to visit Neptune again,ever.

Condom + Guns Not rated yet
in world war 2 condoms were used to cover the tip of a rifle during battle

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the day I hit my head Not rated yet
one day I climbed a basketball hoop to top fell smack on my head got up but fell down again I guess It's my brain trying to refocus I went to the hospital …

hurting brain Not rated yet
did you studying really hard can hurt your brain without resting it your brain working to hard so you got to get it focused again It me an trust me you …

the fascinating story about me and wamzer Not rated yet
basically it all started when we were young in fact not born!!!! We were born in the same hospital, sabnoiter park hospital. Interestingly enough a princess …

True Love at 16?  Not rated yet
I didn’t expect to find my true love when I was 16 and I definitely didn’t expect my friend’s brother to be my true love. In fact, when I found out James …

Strange storahhh Not rated yet
there once was a man who tols a joke he said knock knock his pal said who's there then he replied with i eat mop and his pal added i eat mopwho? FIN

I didn't know! Not rated yet
P00P ;O

Neptune Not rated yet
Neptune is a rainbow color due to prism colors seeping through from the sunlight it is also a good place for people to make beer

Fun Facts about PEACOCKS!!! Not rated yet
Hello, I am a peacock. I know so much about peacocks, only because i am one!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

weird things Not rated yet
one day i was so bored i sat in my room and actullay opened a book for once

NEPTUNE BOY dun! dun! duuuuuuuuun! Not rated yet
one a fat kid named neptune fell down a hill and when he got up he took a atomic fart!!!! then all living things were extinked. then took a super ultra …

neptune boy Not rated yet
one day a fatboy named neptune fell down a hill and when he got up he took an atomic fart!!!! then all living were extinked. then he took a super ultra …

UNBELIEVABLE! Not rated yet
well, neptune is a planet and it orbits the sun...

yes Not rated yet
did you know that a parrot has a bigger memory that a human

neptune Not rated yet
well when i was a nasa astronot i lived on neptune for 3 years i survived by eating monkey flesh when i ran out i ate my college chantel dehmer she tasted …

Words in a book Not rated yet
Somedays when I'm bored I decide to pick up a book and see what the first word and the last word says usually it makes no sense like "Whenever always" …

Mongoose Not rated yet
In England it is illegal to walk naked in the town centre with a mongoose on your head whilst smoking a joint at the weekend

Boobs Not rated yet
I have a J7 cup!

Dumb State Laws Not rated yet
It Is illegal in USA to walk around any girl you know named "Davidia" on your right shoulder with a bag of Doritos with less that 5 Chips in it

beyonce england Not rated yet
I know abot england is they got a big box and they rode is on the lert side and our rode is on the right side and they always have to were unfroms thats …

did you know that humans tend to get fatter in diets Not rated yet
Me and y friends got on a diet for 3 months and exercised a lot and we never lost weight:(

nickel wahida Not rated yet
first when i saw wahida i lost my heart with her she is so so cute that i can do any think for her and i love her for ever and ever when i proposed her …

Razoring my Guinea Pig Not rated yet
Today, when I arrive home, I intend to buy a guinea pig. I will then shave the guinea pig, because it makes the guinea pig look like a very tiny hippo. …

My Dream. Not rated yet
In my dream, Miss Longley was trying to sell us pornography at christmas, then my friend Rob was sick and his legs fell off so my boyfriend and I had to …

Pizza Not rated yet
Hi I like pizza: :D :P

Baby food Not rated yet
In some countries I don’t know what they are but they eat dead babies!!! o_O

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south carolina Not rated yet
In South Carolina, it is illegal to die.

stuff Not rated yet
well one i was doing this thing and there was this stuff on this thing in this place on the planet and i was lost

Madeline Not rated yet
submitted to - Amazing Animal Facts Animal by definition that she is not a Mineral or Vegetable, Madeline is awesome. She responds to anything from …

Day in my life Not rated yet
In last december i went to india without my family but enjoyed some moments were so boring but some were extra intresting imet my friend there she was …

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