Interesting facts about life in ancient Europe

 Oral hygiene in Europe

Oral hygiene in Europe

Infestation of insects and bed bugs adopted in the 18th century, threatening dimensions. They were regarded as the norm of life. Unfortunately, these insects, were certainly the cause of the spread of many problems and diseases. They remained constant problem right up to modern era. In the Victorian era, women were encouraged to wipe the bottom of beds with kerosene to kill all the unwanted guests.

Time critical days - The women in that period there were several "models" of conduct. Some use a piece of cloth, many times one and the same cloth, moreover, these patches of dried in a conspicuous place at the same time together with other things, without any hesitation. Therefore, it was much better not to look over the fence to the neighbors. However, there were also some women who did not use anything, and allow the force of gravity "do the job".

Manure, dung and manure again - In big cities, the streets smelled of a mixture of manure, human excrement and rotting plants. If you've ever thought about where it came from gentlemanly tradition to go to the edge of the road, not to dig deep, and because it appeared to protect his lady splash passing cars. When you next see in the film, when the man gallantly throws his cloak on the ground that it was a lady, remember, it is likely that it covers not puddle.

Oral hygiene - The poor people are going that way, but for the wealthy Italian company Marvis began in the early 1700s to produce their toothpaste (they still continue to produce it.) But, frankly, people were more confused buying meat than interested in buying Italian toothpaste. It was absolutely irrelevant.

Mercury - Each and every person at that time was infected with lice. But do not fear, because they have chosen a wonderful treatment for this: mercury! In the 18th century, Europe has had a love affair and addiction with mercury. They ate it, rubbed into the skin, became insane and died. As for the "positive" side, it first kill lice!

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