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What interesting facts  about Neptune do we know? You can't see it with a naked eye in the sky and it's hard to see Neptune in the telescope, because it fur away from the Earth.

It's the planet number 8 in the solar system, because of the distance from the sun. Neptune's average distance from the Sun is 4,5 billion km and it four time bigger than the Earth(49500 kilometers in diameter).

Like Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, Neptune is a gas giant. It is, actually, the smallest gas giant in the Solar System.

Neptune is the name of God of the Sea in the Roman Mythology.

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The atmosphere of Neptune consist of methane, helium, hydrogen and water.

As the gas giant, Neptune have rings made up of tiny and dark parts of rock. The most of this parts have size of a small car.

Planet Neptune

More interesting facts about Neptune:
Because of absorption of red light by methane gas the Neptune looks blue in color.

It will take 165 years for it to turn around the Sun. Neptune hasn't yet completed a full orbit since if first was discovered in 1846.

It's very interesting that because of it's orbit Neptune will be closer to the Sun than Pluto in 220 years and then in reverse position for next 20 years.

Neptune has the strongest wind flow amongst all 8 planet in our solar system. The speed of wind can be at 2,000 km per hour.

The cloud known as "The Scooter" moves all round Neptune every 16 hours.

Triton (Neptune's moon) has orbit in the opposite direction to planets direction. It's the only large moon in our solar system that move opposite to the direction of it's planet. Also Triton has the coldest temperature in our Solar System ( -230 degrees celsius ).

Most scientist consider that Triton is slowly getting closer to surface of Neptune and finally will get so close to it that triton will be destroyed by gravity. Also Neptune has 12 more known satellites, but Triton is the largest one.

Neptune has some dark spots that can disappear and reappear on different sides of the planet.

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Some Facts about Neptune  
Neptune was discovered in 1846 by Johann Gottfried Galle. Neptune is 2.8 billion miles away ferom the sun

Fact's of Neptune's past 
Did you know that since Neptune was discovered it has not made a full circle around the sun! It also has 8 moons and 1 of them has substances of water …

Neptune has life! 
Scientists recently discovered that water exists under neptunes cloud covered surface. The found bacteria in the water, which means that neptune does support …

How much would you weigh on Neptune? 
If you weigh 70 pounds on the Earth you would weigh 84 pounds on Neptune.

Interesting Facts about Jupiter 
Jupiter has no solid surface, it has a layer of liquid hydrogen. If your weighed 100 pounds on earth, you would way 254 pounds on Jupiter. …

Visits To Neptune Not rated yet
Neptune has only been visited once by the Voyager Two and so far has been the only thing to visit Neptune.Plans have been made to launch the Neptune Observer …

Neptune Fact: Not rated yet
Neptune was discovered by John C. Adams,Urbain Le Verrier,and Johann Galle on September 23,1846.

Neptune stuff Not rated yet
Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun

Some facts about Neptune Not rated yet
Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. Neptune has atleast 13 moons. Neptune has six rings. Neptune has the strongest wind flow of all eight planets …

neptunes gravity is almost earth like Not rated yet
Neptune is a ball of gas and ice, probably with a rocky core. There`s no way you could actually stand on the surface of Neptune without just sinking in. …

Neptune to Earth Not rated yet
It takes 12 years to get to Neptune from Earth.

gas planets Not rated yet
Neptune is the smallest of the 4 gas planets (Saturn, jupiter, uranus and of course Neptune)

NEPTUNE! Great Dark Spot! Not rated yet
Neptune is the COLDEST PLANET! It has a spot named the Great Dark Spot. It is the same size as Earth! It seemed to have disappeared

Neptune must have captures Titan Not rated yet
Neptune,s moon Titan does not move opposite to its planet, it is a retrograde, it moves in the opposite direction than the rest of Neptune,s moon, it is …

Interesting facts about Neptune... Not rated yet
Neptune’s moon Triton is the largest moon to orbit backwards around a planet Neptune has 13 moons! It takes 165 Earth years for Neptune to complete …

Pluto was Neptune's moon Not rated yet
There is a theory that Pluto was Neptune's moon but escaped Neptune's force of gravity.

Does Neptune Have a Moon Not rated yet
Yes in fact it has 13 Moons the fist discovered was called Triton. It was discovered by a man in England called William Lassell. Scientists believe that …

neptune Not rated yet
Neptune has therre rings called Adam,Levierrier,and Galle.

neptune  Not rated yet
neptune has 3 inportant rings they are dark and thin

Weight Not rated yet
On Neptune, due to its gravity, if you weigh 100 pounds you would weigh 115lbs on it's surface

neptune is cold as the 1000 north poles neptune is -3000 f

Interesting facts about Neptune Not rated yet
Only one spacecraft has ever visited it. Neptune has 8 moons and gravity like earth.

Neptune has life  Not rated yet
Neptune could have and if it dose then that is realy cool but the life could die . The planet neptune has been discovered that there is water and if was …

Earth compared to Neptune Not rated yet
DID YOU KNOW? 60 planets the size of Earth can fit into Neptune!!!

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