Italian town of Campione d'Italia is located in Switzerland

Italian town of Campione d'Italia is located in Switzerland

Italian town of Campione d'Italia is located in Switzerland

Italy has a wonderful town - Campione d'Italia. He is really wonderful, because it`s located not in Italy but in Switzerland. Even the salaries they pay than the euro, both in Italy and in Swiss francs. Order in the city support the Italian police, but the call goes Swiss ambulance. Residents can choose any character for the machine - though Italian, though the Swiss. Residents can call on two phones - if you want an Italian, and you want - on the Swiss.

Thus, Campione d'Italia is an Italian enclave in Switzerland, as well as being an exclave towards Italy. In this case, a straight line distance from the site to the enclave in Italy - less than a kilometer, but due to the difficult terrain along the road distance to the nearest Italian town is more than 14 miles, and to Como, the capital of the province of Como, - more than 28 kilometers.

Lake Lugano is in the territory and Switzerland, and Italy, but another part of it inside the Swiss border by the Italian Campione d'Italia.

The Italian government is very loyal to the people of the enclave on its territory there are a number of tax benefits, which makes the city attractive for wealthy Europeans. In addition, the details of the legislation can get when buying a property in Campione d'Italia, a residence permit valid for the whole of Europe, that in the Schengen Agreement - a rarity.

One of the main attractions and income Campione d'Italia is a casino, which launched operations in 1917. The initiative is open casinos is attributed to secret services, who needed a quiet place for the recruitment of foreign diplomats. Officially licensed casinos received in 1933. The casino employs 15-20 percent of the population of Campione d'Italia.

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