Interesting facts about Money

Interesting facts about money. Some of these facts you  may already know, others must be completely new for you. Money plays a very important role in human life. This is universal equivalent value of any product or service. They are a means of realization of desires and needs. Throughout history, people have used various forms of money: soap, cocoa beans, elephant tail hair, grain, animal skins, tea, tobacco, bear teeth, etc. Today, in everyday life we use not only metal and paper money, but also credit cards and even electronic money.

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Interesting facts about Money

Interesting facts about money

Cattle - the first and oldest form of money. In some parts of Africa, the cows were used as money until the mid twentieth century. Each cow head was called "kaput", which translated from Latin means "head." Therefore, a person who had a lot of cows, had a lot of "kaput" or "capital" - a term that is still used to describe money.

Before the advent of money people exchanged goods or services. The ancient religious temples served as the first banks where people stored grains or precious metals.

Interesting facts about money: The Romans created the coins in the temple of Juno Moneta, the goddess of marriage and women. From this, in fact, there is the word "coin" and "money". Roman mint is the oldest in the world.

Ancient Romans used salt as a form of money. The English word "the salary" came from the Latin sal (salt).

The Chinese invented paper money in the 9th century AD. Their original name translates as "flying money" because they could easily blow away by the wind.

Interesting facts about Money

The Romans were the first to mint coins with images of people. Having won the war in 44 BC Julius Caesar ordered to draw his portrait on the coins.

Queen Elizabeth II holds the record for the number of portraits on the currency. Her portrait can be found on the banknotes of more than 30 countries around the world.

Interesting facts about money: In medieval England, for the storage of money produced a special dish made of clay called pygg. Eventually word transformed into a piggy bank. So do most of the money boxes in the shape of a pig

The most expensive coin was sold at auction in Zurich. The buyer paid for the silver dekadrahmu of ancient Athens 314 thousand dollars.

Interesting facts about Money

In 1946, the Hungarian government printed record banknotes - 100 quintillion pengos. 100 quintillion - a 100 000 000 000 000 000 000.

In 1654 in India, released the largest in value coin. She was in denominations of 200 mohurov, weighing 2 kilograms 177 grams and is 136 millimeters in diameter. At the moment you can only see the imprint of the coin, which is stored in the British Museum. Last real coin disappeared in the Indian state of Bihar in 1810.

Interesting facts about money: The most unusual name have the coin of Venice from16th century. It was called "newspaper". Moreover, this name appeared first was for coins, and only then switched to the familiar printed edition. This happened due to the fact that the cost of the first "printed news" has been defined in one newspaper, so it and became associated with paper news.

The word "bankrupt" comes from the Italian banca rotta, which literally means "broken stand." In the early days of the banking business, the people who exchanged, stored or lent money were accounting of their business on a stand on a public market. If a person loses all his capital, people broke his stand.

Interesting facts about Money

In ancient China, anyone who has been caught in the forging of the imperial currency, was executed by cutting the heart. The British held the record for the number of counterfeiters. In 1817, 313 British were hanged for the creation or distribution of counterfeit banknotes.

Interesting facts about money: In the Middle Ages, knights tried not to carry cash for fear of looting. Instead of money they had special seals. For example, when the knight stayed at the inn for the night, he put the seal on the document. The innkeeper then could receive money in castle.

Residents of the island of Yap in the Pacific Ocean used in commodity-monetary exchange of huge stone coins with a round hole in the middle, called rai. Some of them reach a weight of 4 tons.

The Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) were the first people who used metallic money - bars. Price bars depended on their weight.

Interesting facts about Money

The most unusual material for the money become a seal skin. Russian-American Company in the early 19th century, has released into circulation 10 000 monetary units in the amount of 42 thousand rubles. Prior to 1826 these funds were in circulation. At the moment, one of these coins is worth as much as a piece of gold with same weight.

In English we have expression «pay through the nose». It appeared in Ireland during the Viking raids - the Vikings could cut off nose of Irish who did not pay tribute.

Swedish copper coins of the 18th century, considered to be the heavy metal coin in the world. . This coin weighed  19 kilos 710 grams. It was rectangular in shape and its corners had the royal seals.

Interesting facts about money: There is a myth, according to which, if the robber forces you to withdraw money from the card, You can enter a PIN code backwards. Then, supposedly, the ATM will give money, but a special device will keep them in the pan, and at the same time will be sent an alarm to the police. This system really is patented in the US, but no bank or ATM manufacturer not to implement it.

In Iceland, people use credit and debit cards more frequently than in any other country in the world.

The dollar is the most frequently exchanged currency in the world. Behind it goes the euro, Japanese yen and pound sterling.

Interesting facts about money

Interesting facts about Money

Modern machine for counting coins can count 2,500 coins per minute. Counter of bank notes is able to count  100 banjnotes in 4 seconds. It may also indicate a fake banknote.

To date, there are over 1.6 million ATMs worldwide. Even in Antarctica has one ATM. The greatest number of transactions for the removal of money falls on Friday. The average amount withdrawn money from an ATM is $ 80.

In Western countries, all children are aware of the existence of the tooth fairy, which gives money to replace fallen milk teeth, laid under the pillow. Delta Dental Company from the beginning of the 2000s in the United States annually conducts a study of average amount that parents are put under the pillow. With the exception of one year, the trend of decrease or increase of this amount is strictly correlated with the change in the stock index S & P 500. In other words, the tooth fairy gifts may be considered an indicator of  the entire US economy.

Governments sometimes use fake money to destroy the enemy's economy. Germany during the Second World War, printed counterfeit money in the UK, and the United States in Japan.

The characteristic smell of coins - it's not the smell of metal. It comes from the compounds produced by contact with the metal organic substances, such as human sweat.

A month after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US government has conducted an operation to replace all the cash in Hawaii. The government confiscated the dollars and issued in return for the same amount, but the specially printed notes with great «HAWAII» inscription. All this was done in the case of seizure of the islands by the Japanese army: if the occupants decided to withdraw the money from the Hawaiians, then money would not had any value.

Interesting facts about Money

English spoken word "buck" came at a time when Americans traded animals (including moose) for goods or services.

Marcus Licinius Crassus, one of the richest of the Romans in the 1st century BC. A large part of his fortune amassed through fire. As soon as he became aware of a burning building, he immediately offered to the owner of the house to buy it for a sum much lower than the market value of the property. The same proposal received the owners of the neighboring houses, on which a fire could spread at any time. If the transaction was successful, his army of 500 slaves taken immediately to put out the fire, then quickly repaired the damage. Otherwise Kras left without helping to put out the fire.

Interesting facts about money

Interesting facts about Money

The dollar sign $ is much older than most of the US currency. He appeared in business correspondence in the 1770s and was used to enter the peso - currency, produced by Spain to its colonies, which had also circulated in the territory of the future United States. The study documents that era showed that the sign was formed merging the letters P and S in the acronym Ps, is used for the peso in the plural. Even now, the $ sign is the official symbol of Mexican and other Latin American pesos.

Cartel Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar operated a huge amount of cash. According to the stories of his brother Roberto, they spent $ 2,500 on a monthly basis only special gum for banding stacks of banknotes. Approximately 10% of the cash comes into disrepair due to the rats, they bite off the corners of banknotes in storage.

One of the most expensive coin in the world is nickel coins "Liberty Head" denomination of 5 cents, which was minted in 1913. It was sold in 2010 for $ 3,737,500.

The absolute world record of inflation was in Zimbabwe. In 2008, the inflation rate was 231 million percent.

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Interesting facts about Money

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