In Europe in the 18th century very popular Shit Cleaning tool

Dekrottuar in Europe

Dekrottuar in Europe

Device shown in the picture is for scraping caked substance from shoe soles and called dekrottuar. Exquisitely gallant words, true Parisian, in fact literally translates roughly as "Shit-Cleaner", from the French crotte - dog (and not only) poop.

Shit-Cleaners began appearing in the cities of the Old and New World, it`s quite hard to get somethere and do not plunge into anything. About the middle of the 18th century, when the spirit of the Enlightenment demanded that the urban elite to the rules of cleanliness and hygiene. To have your own front door dekrottuar became fashionable, "glamorous", as we would say today. Homeowners excelled one another, ordering the most exquisite forms of metal and setting them on the foreground.

Century urban Shit-Cleaners was short-lived. With the development of infrastructure to the mid-19th century, they began to lose its relevance, and the disappearance of horse-drawn carriages and the advent of cars lost it completely. The decision of the city authorities to dismantle a potential hazard to pedestrians and vehicles, and passed for scrap.

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