the fascinating story about me and wamzer

by Anastasia

basically it all started when we were young in fact not born!!!! We were born in the same hospital, sabnoiter park hospital. Interestingly enough a princess was born in sabnoiter park hospital and that was wamzer!!!! ha lol!!!! but we obviously didnt know eachother because i doubt we even talked but wamzer is that crazy that she might have could!!!!!

anyway it now brings us here now at yanghai school in prep and me writing this!!!! We are now best friends along with thycure and salsa and will always be. She is sitting right next to me typing away about a letter to her mama and so is thycure whilst i am writing this aswell as doing my asia prep which is very boring and i could do something else right now. salsa is looking after her younger brother bether so is not here at the moment but will be joining us in just 20 mins.

Anyway that shows at the moment my fascinating story about me and wamzer!!!!!

BYE FOR NOW!!!!!! byesee bye!! xx

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