band camp - i was abducted by mutant greeen aliens

by unknown

i was abducted by mutant greeen aliens

i was abducted by mutant greeen aliens

one band camp..i was abducted by mutant greeen aliens. it was a cold chilly night at lake atchkantwa..i had late night tuba practice with my friends over in the mess hall. after i became tired of the tuba noise i had to disperse from the scene and take a walk out by the lake to calm my frantic nerves. as i was skipping rocks trying to clear my mind i heard this ominous noise. i took no heed to it of course. as i was in a state of peace skipping my last rock, instead of it crashing into the water with a repetitive sound of rock against water i heard nothing. that was what frightened me, what sent chills through my body. i turn my head to find the reason in the muted spalsh. What happens next, is inexplainable. the rock is floating shoulder height in mid air with a green glow around the inanimate object. it approaches me. slowly coming closer i run till i trip and fall the next thing i see...i find myslef laying on a cold blue metal tray with tools surrounding me. the next thing i feel is a drill piercing my skull and i black out. next thing i see i am in cabin 420 laying sleepily into my bed

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