Interesting Facts about Jupiter

by Sam C. Matthews
(Dallas, texas U.S.A.)

Interesting facts about Jupiter

Interesting facts about Jupiter

  • Jupiter has no solid surface, it has a layer of liquid hydrogen.

  • If your weighed 100 pounds on earth, you would way 254 pounds on Jupiter.

  • Jupiter is so BIG!!! It is the largest planet in the solar system!

  • If you had 1,300 Earth's all together, it would be almost the size of Jupiter.

  • Jupiter has massive storms! A storm on Jupiter would cover the whole planet Earth!

  • Being on Jupiter would be like being under water.

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    BY: Sam C. Matthews

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Jupiter Facts
    by: Andie

    * Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system
    * Fastest spinning planet in our solar system
    * Has invisible rings
    * Has the Great Red Spot which may be a storm that goes on forever
    * Your weight is times by 2.34 on Jupiter
    * Jupiter is the fifth planet from our sun
    * Visited by 8 space crafts

    If you need more info please contact me at:
    Thank you!

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