Uhhhhh - Tommy Chong and The Shades

by Catherine
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Tommy Chong and The Shades

Tommy Chong and The Shades

Well the law of homeowners having to clear sidewalks, it's in most cities, and only pertains to the homeowners house. It's a safety issue.

I myself, have broken my tailbone and twisted my ankle because a neighbour wouldn't clear his sidewalk and it melted and refroze as a massive ice patch which was then covered with a light layer of snow.
The cities won't send snow blowers down cul-de-sacs or most residential roads, large cities like Calgary would require a lot of people wandering around neighbourhoods with snowblowers.
Probably isn't the dumbest law out there

Here's a law, in the Yukon, it is illegal to push a live moose out of a moving airplane

Calgary, if you are kicked out of town (example the way Tommy Chong was back 1958) the city is required to give you a horse and gun... this is not to be confused with the provincial law of when one is released from jail they are to recieve a horse and gun to leave town... it is if you are kicked out of town.... Tommy Chong was kicked out of Calgary (the city he grew up in) because he and his band, The Shades, were too rowdy and the performances got too rowdy. Don MacKay (mayor in 1958) kicked him and the band out only for Tommy to recieve a White Hat award in 2009 (MacKay is the one who started the White Hat awards in 1950) I have attached a photo of Tommy Chong and The Shades for our viewing pleasure

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