Interesting Quran Facts

Quran Facts. Some of these facts you  may already know, others must be completely new for you. Koran  is verbatim words of the Lord, which He revealed to His Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. Prophet Muhammad memorize them and then dictated to his fellow. And they, in turn, remembered, recorded and reviewed it with the Prophet Muhammad.

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Interesting Quran Facts

Interesting Quran facts

Milk is the best drink mentioned in the Qur'an, honey is the best food mentioned in the Qur'an.

On Judgment Day the Qur'an will intercede for those who read it. On Judgment Day the Qur'an will complain about those who have not read it.

Reading a verse in Ramadan is equivalent to reading the whole Qur'an in other months.

In one of the Iraqi mosques stored Quran written with the blood of Saddam Hussein. The book was created in only 2 years. As a book designer said Abbas Shakir Dzhaudi Hussein in total passed for the manufacture of ink 27 liters of his blood, even though many experts have called this figure unrealistic for one person for the specified period. After the death of Hussein, the Iraqi authorities and religious authorities can not decide what to do with the Koran - on the one hand, to write the blood such books is forbidden, and this act was immediately condemned by Muslims of other Arab countries, on the other hand, any Koran is the sacred book and how way-or destroy it is also prohibited.

Interesting Quran facts: Whoever reads one letter of the Qur'an, obtains the reward multiplied tenfold. Sura "Al-Ikhlas" is 1/3 of the Koran.

29 of the 114 verses of the Qur'an begins with combinations of Arabic letters, so-called Mukattam, the values of which are unknown. The interpreters of the Qur'an have tried different ways to interpret them, including through changes in the number corresponding to the serial numbers of the letters in the Arabic alphabet, and find patterns in these numbers. However, the majority of Muslims just think Mukattamas divine mystery.

Some verses of the Quran equalize male and female. If we count the word "man" is used in the Qur'an, as many times mentioned and the word "woman".

Islam did not spread by the sword. It is transmitted through the word (Islamic teachings) and the example of his followers. Islam teaches that there is no compulsion in religion (Holy Qur'an 2: 256 and 10:99)

Interesting Quran Facts

According to the Qur'an, Jesus (Isa) began to create miracles in the womb. During birth the Virgin Mary (Maryam) exhausted from the pain, and Isa told her to drink from the water source of the created by Allah, and advised to shake the palm tree, dates which ate Maryam. Then the mother brought the baby to the church, but the elders made fun of her words of the Immaculate Conception and charged with debauchery. Then Isa said in the cradle, saying that he is the messenger of Allah and the Prophet.

Interesting Quran facts: What is written in the Qur'an about houris waiting in paradise the faithful Muslims? According to popular view, martyrs in paradise waiting for 72 virgins (houris). However, nowhere in the Qur'an their specific number is not found. The word "houris" actually used in the plural. In addition, the Qur'an does not stipulate that the houris are only for martyrs - they rely on all who are in heaven believers. 72 houris are mentioned in one of the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad - hadith, which, although they are considered authoritative sources for Muslims, but do not have the same sacred status as the Koran.

Interesting facts about muslims

Most Muslims do not live in the Middle East. The most populous Muslim country is Indonesia, the fourth of the largest countries in the world with 184 million Muslim population. The number of Muslims in India, more than the total population of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and the whole of the Arabian Peninsula.

According to statistics, the world live more than 1.2 billion of Muslims. In other words, at least one in six in the world - Muslim, it is one of the reasons why ... The name "Muhammad" - the most common name in the world.

Interesting Quran Facts

Pope John Paul II made attempts to improve relations between Christianity and Islam. In 2001, he became the first pope to visit a mosque and pray there - it was in Umayyad Mosque, located in the Syrian capital Damascus. At the end of the prayer John Paul II even kissed the Koran.

Muslim women tend to dress modestly to execute commands of Allah. The righteous women throughout history were only modest dresses. A striking example is the traditional dress of nuns, in the same clothes and portrayed the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, peace be upon him.

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