No Bodily Functions Allowed in Ajax Ontario!

by Janet Forrester
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

Here is the link to the Law, it is 4.7 that I am taking issue with. You are not allowed any bodily functions in public in Ajax or on a highway!

I am someone with GERD that throws up quite often, I have absolutely no control over it and am paralyzed while it happens. And Ulcerative Colitis, I sometimes crap myself, not often enough to wear diapers and it's gross, if it drips out I am defecating in a public place. Had a officer call me the other day and let me off with a warning about puking in public! I have a myraid of disabilities.

I contacted the town about it and was given the excuse that the law is aimed at public drunkenness. There is absolutely no amendment to this law saying that it strictly deals with public drunkenness. It is completely open for abuse as witnessed by the phone call. You just follow someone home, get the address and call by-law to complain. And if it is for public drunkenness then this new law is redundant as we already have provincial law dealing with public intoxication.

I have posted a suggestion to the town of Ajax for an amendment and am waiting for a response as they don't feel this opens the door for abuse and discrimination. Officers are not health proffessionals and not every member of the public is a health proffessional so who are they to judge whether or not someone is just sick, disabled or drunk without a blood test to proove it? That's an awful lot of trouble and expense just to arrest someone for vomitting, defecating or peeing themselves.

Here is my suggestion for the amendment:
That this applies only to persons whome have been proven to in fact be intoxicated by a medical proffessional and a blood test and not in fact a sick or disabled person or child.

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