Nail Polish Facts - Interesting facts about nails

Nail Polish Facts - Interestnig  and Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Nail Polish.

How often to do care about your nails? Nail polish can change our mode and color our life. Each temperament can find corresponding color.

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Every young lady should have at least 10 different colors. You might every week visit beauty salon or leave your nails unpainted for a weeks. No matter, you without a doubt be excited in our nail polish facts.

History - nail polish facts

In ancient world people were very creative about own nail polish. They use egg whites, beeswax and even some vegetables to paint own nails.

Did you know that ancient Egyptians truly loved nail polish and only very rich Egyptains were allowed to paint own nails with dark colors.

In addition, word manicure come to us from France. Manicure separated rich people from lower class society.

In Victorian era, nail polish also considered to be sinful. Many priests forced women to remove their nail polish before religious events on Sundays. It was sinful to pain own nails and women with colorful nails considered to be prostitute.

As you know, nail polish is specil paint for cars. Revlon began making it in 1920s. Polish is entirely refined surface of original auto paint.

Did you know that nail polish remover never expire and it can outlast every human. You can keep bottle of remover as long as you need. However, you should remember that opened bottle will vanish in about 1 year.

Its dangerous for your health ALWAYS have polish on your nails. You should remember that nails are live tissues and nail polish could make them too dry. Such nails more likely to brake and get infections.

Over 750 millions of dollars we spend every year on nail polish. Every year this amount increased.

You can buy most expensive nail polish for 250 000 usd.

Formaldehyde is fundamental element for every nail polish and It can damage touchy skin. Here is why some brands use non-allergic ingredients. Some producers sell nail polishes with vitamins and proteins. Also special ultraviolet stabilizers are used to prevent nail polish from changing colors.

As stated by experts, colors that we pick can describe your mental state. So, manicure can heal mentally.

Special tip: You can prevent junk jewelry from rusting if you cover them with colorless nail polish.

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