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Are you looking for Labrador retriever facts? In most television commercials, Labrador Retrievers are shown as family dogs. Labrador retrievers are not only good family dogs, they also show themselves as excellent police dogs and rescue dogs. If you are considering to bring a Labrador puppy to your home, then you should familiarize yourself with Labrador retriever facts. These information about Labrador Retrievers will help you quickly make a decision to have these friendly and cheerful dogs at home.

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Labrador Retriever Facts

Interesting facts and information about Labrador Retriever contained in this publiction will help you to love this amazing breed of dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Labrador Retrievers are among the ten most popular breeds.

Labrador Retriever Facts

Let's review with some information about Labrador Retriever. This Labrador retriever facts will help you better understand your lovely dog. Labrador retrievers are carefree dogs who love their family. They are very loyal and like to be in the company of people. They are active dogs who like swimming very much.

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Labrador Retriever Facts

The growth of Labrador's male is from 55 to 61 cm, females are slightly smaller - from 53 to 58 cm. Dogs weigh from 27 to 34 kg, some can weigh about 45 kg. Females are also quite heavy - from 25 to 31 kg. As you can see, Labradors are strong dogs and they need serious physical activity, as they are prone to obesity. They are well suited for hunting, tracking game, searching, rescue dogs. Therefore, training a dog is very important for developing discipline and obedience in this strong dog.

Labrador Retriever Facts

Since they are very faithful and intelligent, they are also trained to accompany the visually impaired and disabled. They like to play and like to be near children, so they make good family dogs. However, they need constant communication, otherwise they can start destroying your house. Thus, it is necessary to spend your time with the dog every day and not allow her to show bad behavior.

Labrador Retriever Facts

Your can keep your labrador dog in the apartment if you have enough space for games or if they regularly walk with your dog outside. Labradors are very reliable, and can work as excellent watchdogs. However, do not overfeed them, otherwise they will become lazy and gain a lot of excess weight. Let`s  review some extra labrador retriever facts for children.

Labrador Retriever Facts
  • Labrador retrievers are called St. John's dog or St. John's Newfoundlan. The Labrador itself is actually not from Labrador, but Newfoundland. They are called Labradors because they were used as working dogs in the Labrador Sea.
  • Labradors-retrievers - the only breed of dogs with webbed feet and the otter tail allows them to swim well. The tail serves as a sort of handlebar for the labrador, thanks to which he can swim in the right direction. This characteristic makes them excellent swimmers. The webbed legs of the retriever labrador also help him to walk freely in the snow and prevent the accumulation of snow between the toes.
Labrador Retriever Facts
  • Another characteristic feature that helps them to swim better is wool. The wool of Labrador Retrievers is waterproof. Their coat is the distinguishing feature of the breed. They have so-called double wool. Soft undercoat has resistance to various atmospheric influences, protecting dogs from strong cold, getting wet and from any kind of pollution. The outer layer of the coat is rather coarse and serves as an additional reinforcement of the undercoat. Soft undercoat has a pronounced moisture repellent effect.
Labrador Retriever Facts
  • Labradors retrievers are distinguished by extreme immunity to pain, which makes them ideal dogs for emergency use during rescue operations, search operations, police work and during hunting.
  • Labradors like to keep things in your mouth. Therefore, they need to provide a lot of toys for chewing, otherwise they just tear your house into pieces.
  • The average size of Labrador's litter is 8 puppies. However, irrespective of the color of the parents, the puppies can have a variety of colors, depending on the genetic component. The males have thicker and coarse wool than the females, which requires more complex grooming.
Labrador Retriever Facts
  • Labradors retrievers do not have a sense of "their territory", so they are not excellent watchdogs. They are very friendly even to strangers.
  • There are three types of coat color in Labradors. These three kinds of color gave the name to three kinds of Labradors, namely: black labrador retriever, chocolate labrador and yellow labrador.
  •  Labradors like to keep things in your mouth. Therefore, they need to provide a lot of toys for chewing, otherwise they just tear your house into pieces.
Labrador Retriever Facts
  • Labradors retrievers like to use their mouths not to bite people, but to hold and bring objects. One of the distinguishing features of this breed is their full control over the muscles of the jaw. In fact, it is known that they can carry an egg in the mouth without damaging it.
  • Labradors are known for their insatiable appetite. They will never give up the food you offer them, except when they do not feel very well. One of the most common negative traits of character is that the Labrador likes to beg for food at the kitchen table. If you succumb to their pleading expression of muzzle and plaintive eyes and give them much more food than the amount they need daily, you risk getting obese labrador.
Labrador Retriever Facts

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  • Obesity in this breed often accompanies such diseases as hip dysplasia and diabetes mellitus. The irrepressible appetite of the Labrador is also an incentive for his master to train with him and various kinds of physical activity.
  • Labrador is distinguished by the fact that he is very worried about the long absence of the owner. Representatives of this breed need to spend every day next to people, and they have an emotional need for constant interaction with other members of the pack.
  • Despite the fact that they are known for their unsurpassed devotion and affection, nevertheless, they can develop certain negative character traits bordering on destructive behavior if left alone with them for a fairly long period of time.
Labrador Retriever Facts
  • In comparison with other breeds of dogs, labradors develop very slowly. They are usually considered mature when they reach the age of four. Even if your labrador has reached his normal adult size, he will behave like a small puppy, for quite a long time.
  • Some people believe that black labradors are smarter than their chocolate and fawn ones.
  • The lifespan of Labrador Retrievers is 10-12 years. Labradors are prone to such diseases as dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints, progressive retinal atrophy, and other eye diseases.
  • Labradors are the happiest dogs in the world!
Labrador Retriever Facts

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