Interesting facts of life

by abhilash kumar behera
(bhubaneswar )

Interesting facts of life

Interesting facts of life

1.Do you know what the study of friction is known as? It is known as Tribology.

2.A hundred megawatt power plant releases about 8,00,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year. Hence every kilowatt saved could help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
3.A singly tree can absorb up to 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. So planting of trees could be cheap and valuable way to mitigate global warming.
4.In terms of power the sound of a jet engine in about 10,00,000,00,000 times more powerful then the smallest audible sound.
5.The eyes of a giant squid can be up to 20cm across about the size of a volley ball. Those large sensitive eyes are very useful in the dark where the giant squid lives 200-700 meter below the surface of the ocean.
6.The matchsticks that were available before the year 1830 were made by hand and a good worker could make 4000 to 5000 matchsticks per hour but modern machines can produce hundreds of thousands of sticks per hour. It menace that at that time the workers were making matchsticks more faster than these modern machines.
7.Coal gas was used for street lighting for the first time in London in 1810 and in New York around 1820. It was also known as illumination gas.
8.Bullet proof windows and enclosures seen inside banks are mostly made of a plastic called poly carbonate. It is not only strong and almost unbreakable but also light weight of an acrylic sheet and one sixth of the weight of glass sheet of the same size and thickness. It is also used in making DVDs and spectacle lance.
9.Billions of cells are lost every day from the outermost layer of the skin of an average adult body. The weight of dead skin that an adult carries is around two kilograms.
10.India’s first national park was established in 1935 as Hailey national park in Uttar Pradesh. It is now known as the Corbett national park.
11.It is possible to ascertain the age of a tree by observing a tree trunk. As the tree grows new cells are added to the trunk. This is why the trunk grows longer. When the new cells are added they form rings around the trunk these rings can be counted to tell the age of the tree.
12.When a person grows older the hair on various parts of the human body becomes gray. The hair of the eyelashes becomes gray at last.
13.A bird named pelican has an enormous pouch in his beak and he can hold up to thirteen liters of water in his beak.
14.A professor conducted an experiment in class. He told the students that “I have a rock and a piece of wood in my hand. I am going to place them in a mysterious liquid and you will observe that the rock will float and the piece of wood will sink. Do you know what the mysterious liquid in the beaker is? It is water. The rock was pumice or volcanic glass which floats on water and the wood was from the desert ironwood tree which is so dense that it sinks in water.
15.According to the world wide fund of the 3,500 tigers around the world 1,411 tigers are found in India. India is the home for 65precent of Asian elephant and 85 percent of one horned rhinoceros and all Asiatic lions.
16.An estimated 5,00,000 earth quake occurs around the world but of them 1,00,000 can be felt by human and 100 are strong enough to cause damage.
17.Recent satellite’s data suggest that three are more than three million lightning flashes are caused worldwide per day or on an average about forty flashes per second.
18.Dogs and some other animals can hear sound of frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz. That is why people cannot hear special dog whistle while the dog reacts to it. The police use high frequency whistles that dog can here but the human cannot.
19.The first application of friction dates nearly a million of years ago when it was discovered that heat from the friction could used to light a fire.
20.The first cellular phone service in India was introduced by modi Telstra on August 23 in the year 1995 in Calcutta under the name mobile net.
21.Warren Edward Buffett of USA is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He is the world’s richest investor to be worth $ 53.5 billion.
22.House cat is the only cat that hunts for fun all other cat hunt for food.
23.Besides humans Japanese macaques are the only animals known to clean their food before they eat.
24.Red colobus monkeys steal coal to eat as antidote for toxic leaves.
25.Rafflesia is the world’s biggest flower.
26.The Earth core is made up of Iron and Nickel.
27.Well, most people don't know that the Earth really not round, it's actually slightly pear-shaped and weighs about 6,588,000,000,000 million tons.
28.The oldest plant is a Norway space and it is 11,700 years old.
29.The largest seeds are double coconuts weighing up to 40 pounds or 18kg.
30.Ammborella is the world’s oldest flower.
31.A plant named wood sorrel has two different flowers. It has big spring flowers to attract insect and another small flower in summer to make seeds.
32.Jericho in Israel is the world’s oldest city. The city wall date back over 11,000 years.
33.There are 1,500 miles or 2,400 km of airways in our lungs.
34.The oldest rock that is ever found is 3.8 billion year old.
35.The planet earth is 4.6 billion year old.
36.To escape from earth’s atmosphere a space craft needs to travel at a minimum speed of 240mph.
37.The temperature of the earth’s core is around 9,900C.

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