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African Bushmen

African Bushmen

How Bushmen survive in the desert? Bushmen, or dignities, the people living in the south of Africa. Some still wander across the Kalahari Desert where there isn't enough water and vegetation. Bushmen get food hunting, gathering of insects, кореньев and berries. They are able to find water underground in roots of plants and wet sand. It helps them to survive with difficult conditions of the desert where others would be lost from thirst and hunger. As well as many people of Africa, Bushmen start forgetting the traditions.

Tuaregs - nomads of North Africa, wander on the Sahara Desert. Туареги – descendants of berbers, the people occupying North Africa before arrival there of Arabs. Tuaregs practise Islam, and men of this tribe close faces a veil. Today many Tuaregs ceased to wander and conduct a settled way of life.

Some African tribes still adhere to a traditional way of life – as nomads of the Sahara Desert and North East Africa. They wander with all the economy: camels, sheep, goats. They have no constant residence, and they constantly wander in search of fresh pastures for animals.

The people of Benin lived in North Africa, to the South from the Nile River. 400 years ago they made fine things of an ivory, a tree and bronze. Since 1000 AD the powerful African states, such as Benin, we Will sink to Born and Songai owned the most part of the territory of the Western Africa.

The ancient Moroccan cities, such as Fkz and Marrakesh, were famous for workshops in which processed and made up sheep skins, carrying. The majority of Moroccans are poor, own small plots of the earth, breed sheep, cattle and goats. Morocco is an Islamic kingdom where the main part of the population is made by Arabs and about one third – berbers. The dynasty operates the kingdom of Morocco from XVII century.

Sudan is a huge country in the northeast of Africa. In ancient Meroe, to the east from Khartoum, you can see ruins of the pyramids constructed more than 2000 years ago. During the period from 592 g BC Meroe was the powerful kingdom. People Meroe worshipped to Ancient Egyptian gods.

In Johannesburg, South Africa. The city was founded during gold boom at the end of the XIX century and is the largest center of trade. Tourists have opportunity to examine the mine being in the downtown, and to visit a museum devoted to times of a gold-rush.

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