Interesting facts about Pancakes Suzette

Interesting facts abput Pancakes Suzette

Interesting facts abput Pancakes Suzette

Pancakes "Suzette" - a beautiful dessert that's worth a try just once and you will fall in love with them forever. What is interesting is their secret - the recipe, the spices, the magic chef in the past? History holds incredible beauty legend the birth of this recipe. According to one source, the appearance of this recipe associated with the name Suzanne Reychenberg. Few people know that the name of the actress of French theater bonded one of the most beautiful love stories in which there were some culinary discoveries ...

Suzanne Reychenberg (1853-1924) was a French actress of German origin. In one of the plays of Marivaux novelist, who are privileged theater of the French comedy (Comedie Francaise) Suzanne has played a leading role. According to the scenario she had eat pancakes. Since the play was popular and played on the stage every day, Susan had pancakes and eat every day. They, as well as other food for the theater prepared chef named Mons Joseph. At one point he thought about hard gastronomic interest, which in the name of art Suzanne suffered each time pretending to eat with relish hateful pancakes, and especially for the actress has created a special, small, almost air-sweet pancakes, which no one has never were able to get bored. They say Joseph was in love with Suzanne ...

In 1934 in New York published a book of memoirs, Henry Charpentier, a French chef who immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s. and established a famous Henri Restaurant, guests of which were Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, the Italian Queen Margherita, the Belgian King Leopold, Theodore Roosevelt, John D.Rokfeller, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Bernhardt, and many other eminent personalities.
On the other hand, in his book, Henry talked about as the result of random error came to light pancakes "Suzette". And it happened January 31, 1896, when Prince Edward of Wales, the future King of England, Edward VII, came to the restaurant Cafe de Paris in Monte Carlo in the company of their friends, including a very young lady named Suzette. Whom she had the prince, alas, unknown. Perhaps it was his niece may goddaughter, and possibly illegitimate daughter ...

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