Interesting facts about Champagne Cocktail

by Igor

Interesting facts about Champagne Cocktail

Interesting facts about Champagne Cocktail

In the same year in France was surprisingly hot summer. In the gardens of Versailles was stuffy. The king missed, ladies suffered, fanning the fans. They were not interested in even a unique collection of original dishes, which Vicomte de champagne cocktail, an acknowledged connoisseur of wines and well-known collector, put on display in the Palace Park.

But then he took a huge crystal bowl and began to something in her confused. He filled the light wine, juices, Mature in sugar of fruit and chilled champagne, having received as a result of a refreshing drink out of the ordinary, only a pleasant taste. Sleepy hollow was alive, ladies one after the other began to admire: «champagne cocktail! Oh, Champagne Cocktail!» And a new drink that had received the name of his maker, which, by the way, is translated from French as «pitcher», became popular at court.

Ladies and gentlemen all summer just that and did, that poured and mixed wine, сдабривали their spices, added various fruits. The king gladly participated in the fun, drop it in the petals of roses, and his favorite tried to catch them in his glass.

Since then it has been many years, was replaced by a no generation. But champagne cocktail, a gourmet dessert alcoholic drink on the celebrations are still in Vogue. As it is served chilled, it is especially good in the spring-summer period. For its preparation, of course, the best use of fresh fruit and berries, in which we now have no shortage. However, if there are at hand there is no - no problem, come and preserved, and candied, and frozen. That need more? Light dining grape wine, cognac, rum, liqueur. And, as a rule, champagne.

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