Eat Dark Chocolate

by Chocolatier Person

Interesting Facts about Dark Chocolate

Interesting Facts about Dark Chocolate

If you like to eat healthy but don’t like the taste of fruits and vegetables, there is a simple and tasty option for you: dark chocolate!

Dark chocolate has been found to be healthier than strawberries, acai berries, blueberries, blackberries, raisins, prunes and raw spinach. People who don’t eat chocolate tend to live from one to two years less than those who do.

Since dark chocolate contains less sugar than normal chocolate, it won’t damage your teeth and you won’t get any cavities from consuming it.

In addition, dark chocolate has a hormone stimulant that works as a natural anti-depressant and makes you happier; this is why many people have chocolates for delivery to their loved ones when they are going through a rough time in their lives.

Dark chocolate can also help you suppress a cough, by soothing your vagus nerve, because it contains an ingredient called theobromine. It’s also a good preventative measure for Parkinson, cancer and Alzheimer, as well as heart disease.

Dark chocolate is a stress reliever and is usually more filling than the regular chocolates. So, what’s not to love about dark chocolate?

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