City of Barrie Laws Against Nature

The City of Barrie tells us that weeds and grasses must not be taller than 12" (30cm) or they will cut it for us and bill us for the work. This includes herbs and ornamental grasses taller than their standard of 12" - whether it's on a homeowner's property or the boulevard of a homeowner's fenced property on the city's side. The property standards officer determines what is a weed and what isn't a weed. He/she takes the liberty to have it cut down for the homeowner on his own property. An environmentally-conscious homeowner who decides to cultivate a natural/wild garden in the privacy of his own fenced backyard (such as myself) is in contravention of the city bylaw. It should be understood that a wild garden allows for the growth of a natural multicultural habitat for nature's creatures (including us humans) and plants while reducing pollution.

It's outrageous that good citizens and stewards of the land become victims to the city's unjust and destructive laws against nature and the environment.

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