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Bolivia fun facts

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Bolivia is located in central South America. The total area of 10098581 km². Bolivia is the 28th largest country in the world by area. Divided on 9 Departments, 112 Provinces and 339 Municipalities.  Bolivia have two capital cities Sucre and La Paz (Nuestra Señora de La Paz). In Bolivia there more than 36 ethnic groups. The population 10027254. In old times silver mining was Bolivian largest industry. Roman catholic is the main religion in south America (78% of population).

Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar, a military leader who let Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuella, Peru, Panama and Bolivia to independence.

In Bolivia you can find two highest cities in the world. The highest city is Potosi and the second highest is La Paz. Back in 1560`s Potosi was the most populated city in the World!

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

La Paz (Biggest town in Bolivia), was the very first South American city with electricity supply.

Bolivia actually the biggest nuts exporter in the world. Bolivia among the top 5 exporters of tropical wood and top 10 exporters of cacao and organic coffee.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

In Bolivia you can find unique Limestone Cliff with over 5000 dinosaur footprints. Scients It`s well protected by government.

Lake Popoo is the second largest lake in Bolivia and it`s not a freshwater lake.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

You will be surprised by the fact that height the average woman in Bolivia is small enough. And you might think that there are many dwarves.

Unbelievable but, most homes in Bolivia have a dried lama fetus thrown under it`s foundation for luck.

In Bolivia you can find largest deposit of salt on the planet (Uyuni salt belt) with deposits over 68 million tons of salt. Also it`s the place for largest on the planet deposits of aluminum.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.
Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

In Bolivia you can find very special hotel made almost entirely of salt. Here you can find even chairs and beds made of salt.

Unbelievable, but there is a prison in Bolivia where prisoners can live with their families, rent their own cells and even charge tourists for tours.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

In Bolivia you can find one of the deepest Lakes in the world - Lake Titicaca located at 3810 meters above sea level and this is highest navigable lake in the world.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Bolivia has 8 meters of rainfall per year. About 38% of all animals and plants in the world located in Bolivia! Local tropical rainforests is the perfect place for violence of plant and animal life. Over 22 000 plant species your can find in Bolivia. The largest in the world butterfly sanctuary you can visit in Santa Cruz.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Why does bolivia have two capitals? - Bolivia fun facts

When the Spanish colonized the Americas, they divided the continent into large territories. When Bolivia gained its independence (in 1825), it was founded as Republic with town Sucre as capital. In 1899 Bolivia’s Conservative and Liberal Party clashed in a struggle for political power. La Paz became the place of the executive and legislative branches of the Bolivian government and the judicial branch remained in Sucre. According to Bolivia`s constitution Sucre is the only capital city.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Economy - Bolivia fun facts

Bolivia has the 95th largest economy in the world (considering nominal terms) and the 87th economy (considering purchasing power parity).

Bolivia has medium human development rank with index of 0,675.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Economic diversification only occasional. Main products: Silver, Tin and Coca. Tough topography and political instability have limited attempts to modernize the agricultural sector.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Low life expectancy combined with low population growth and high incidence of disease prevented industries from prosperity.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

Uncontrolled inflation of currency and corruption have obstructed development, but in the nearest years, basics of its economy have indicated some good changes, driving economy rating upgrade.

Bolivia Fun Facts - Interesting Facts.

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