Amazing Madagascar

Amazing Madagascar

Amazing Madagascar

The island abounds with a large number of volcanoes, however, in the majority, they extinct. Also the island is rich with the rivers which though are short, however are deep and never dry up. But the biggest property of Madagascar – flora and fauna. Here 1/20 part of all existing animal species and planet plants lives. And, 80% from them live only on this island. Besides, all these living creatures are most approached to the person in literal sense at arm's length.

Madagascar is the fourth island in size in the world after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. Its coastline makes 4828 km.

Interesting fact: on the island lives about 12 000 animal species and plants from which more than 10 000 are unique! Only here you will meet huge ferny trees and palm trees, surprising desert plants and such animals as lemurs! Hundred types are under the threat of disappearance as more than 90% of their native habitat were destroyed by an adverse environment and the person.

Average population density makes 33 people/km2.
The majority of the population practises local religion which is based on communication between live and dead. However 40% of the population are Christians of Catholic Church. It is interesting to know that the large number of the population tries to combine two religions. At the end of 90 - at the beginning of the XXI century Islam and Orthodoxy started extending actively.

In all territory of the island there live more than 30 different types of lemurs - the interesting fact!
About a half of species of chameleons (more than 60) meet only in this island state.

Madagascar often call the Great Red Island. This results from the fact that the soil in this country rich on iron and aluminum.

By the last estimates, the population of the island makes more than 21.5 million people.

Interesting fact: The royal mountain Ambokhimanga is the most important historical sight of Madagascar. This object is entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. The instruction is a unique place of worship for indigenous people, significant cultural and religious property of the country.

Madagascar Square makes 587 040
Whether you know that the average inhabitant of Madagascar for all the life gives rise to more than 5 times! On this indicator the state takes the 20th place in the world − the interesting fact.

In all territory of the island there is no lion, a giraffe, a zebra or a hippopotamus.
Interesting fact: the highest point of Madagascar is the extinct volcano to Marumukutra. Its height makes 2876 m above sea level. The name "Maromokotro" literally to be translated as "a grove of fruit trees".

The capital and the largest city of Madagascar is Antananarivo. The name literally to be translated as "the city of one thousand soldiers". In different languages it also translate as "one thousand villages". The population of the city fluctuates within 1.5 million people. It was based in 1625. Since then the capital endured the most tragic events about all history of Madagascar.
The urban population fluctuates within 30% of the population.

At men average life expectancy makes 61 years, and women have 65 years!
The country is the world's largest producer and the exporter of vanilla.
It is interesting to know that the largest predator of Madagascar is Foss. This animal has a body as at a cat, and a nose as at a dog, but they aren't relatives and never them were. Foss is the endangered species which close relative is the mongoose! The predator is approximately twice more than a house cat. It hunts on birds and lemurs. The long tail helps them to hold balance on trees highly over the earth - the amusing fact about Madagascar.

More than 40% of the territory of the island are covered with the woods.
Madagascar isn't so attractive to the tourists, wishing to study sights. However in the capital of Antananarivo there are some interesting historical places, and also a set of archeological excavations. Tourists accept tropical beaches, tasty food, national parks where it is possible to see wild animals and fantastic landscapes, mountains, and also friendly and friendly locals, the professional personnel and high-quality service more!

The interesting fact about Madagascar: locals very much like to bargain! Especially brightly it is expressed in small shops, hotels and even restaurants.

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