10 of most famous pigs in the History

10 most famous pigs in the History

10 most famous pigs in the History

1. Unnamed pigs

In 1784-5 nameless pig was exhibited in London named Academic Pig (Learned pig). Pig could answer the questions, choosing the right cards with words and solve math problems. Later nameless pig were named Toby. The advertisement stated that she is able to read minds.

In 1859, the nameless pig belonging to British subjects, got into someone's garden on San Juan Island, Washington. The result is that she was murdered, triggering a military conflict between the U.S. and the UK over the borders.


2. Curly-haired boy

In March 1901, in a local newspaper «Rushville Times» of Rushville, Illinois, there was an article about 500 kg slaughtered pig. Denial was later published in Schuyler County, Illinois, "Title" Curly Boy stabbed to death "caused an unexpected stir among readers" Rushville Times ". Incorrectly written title introduced readers astray, who decided that there was the brutal murder of a curly baby. "

3. The King Neptune

The King Neptune (May 16, 1942 - May 14, 1950), the pig, which was sold at auction the U.S. Navy. Raised $ 19 million spent on the bonds for the construction of the battleship USS Illinois. In honor of the pigs were raised at least two sites.

4. Tirpitz

Pig named Tirpitz - the British navy trophy after the sea battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914. Later she became the mascot cruiser HMS Glasgow.

5. Max

Pig Max (1987 - December 1, 2006) was the only pupil of George Clooney. He often slept in the bed Clooney. He is credited with saving the life of an actor, when Max woke famous actor before the earthquake in Northridge, January 16, 1994. In 2006, the pig visited aboard a private jet John Travolta.

6. Pigasus

Pigasus ran for President of the USA from the party Yippies (Youth International Party, Yippies - Youth International Party) in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

7. A couple Tamworth

A couple of Tamworth - two pigs named Cassidy and Sundance escaped during unloading from a truck in a slaughterhouse in the English town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire in January 1998. Pigs were on the run for a week, and the search for them caused a huge stir in the media, and the public interest, both in England and abroad.

8. Kabzilla

Cabana Kabzillu (Hogzilla) shot in Georgia June 17, 2004. Presumably it was 3.6 meters long and weighed 450 kg. Scientists have found that actually Kabzilla weighed 360 kg and a length was "only" 2.4 m

9. Big Bill

The world record for weight still has Big Bill, owned Elias Buford Butler Jackson of Tennessee. It weighed 1,157 kg in 1933. Bill had to show at the Chicago World's Fair, but unfortunately, the boar broke his leg. Around the same time, trends in the production of pigs began to switch to more modest dimensions.

10. Boar Tone

Chinese pig Ton weight 900 kg already died due to obesity February 4, 2004. He was sent to the museum of agriculture in Liaoning Shenyane.10 most famous in the history of pigs

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